Uncapping the Cells
Extraction by Spinning

To reliquify honey - Place jar in warm water. Leave in water bath until honey is clear again. You can also use a microwave.
Measuring - Honey slides more easily out of a container that has been coated with shortening or margarine.
Baking temperature - When substituting honey for sugar in baking, set the oven 10 - 15 C (25 F) lower than indicated in the recipe.
Substituting in baking - When replacing sugar with honey, use the same amount or slightly less honey. The amount of other liquid in the recipe should be reduced accordingly. It also helps to use 2 ml (1/2 tsp) baking soda for every cup of honey.
Storing - Keep honey at room temperature. Only honey butter requires refrigeration. Baked foods made with honey are more moist when stored in a closed container.
Comb honey - A special treat, straight from the beehive! Try it on its own, or spread it on toast or bread.

Filling Nature's Goodness